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Get supplies delivered to you, safely

If you cannot afford and/or cannot get the supplies you need to feel more comfortable in your body safely, this is where you can sign up to receive those supplies. Follow the directions to the left and sign up for what you need. Since there are limited supplies, please do not sign up for items that you already have or that you can get safely. 


Fill out the Google Form

Please fill out the Google Form for the item that you are signing up to receive. If you are signing up for multiple items that fall into different categories, please fill out multiple forms for the corresponding items.


Check the email you submitted

Once your request is filled and your package has been shipped out, you will receive an email from confirming your order. This could be two days from when you submitted your request, or a couple months; it all depends on what we have in stock.


Wait for your item to arrive

Your item may ship within a week, or it may take a couple months. Once you sign up for an item, you will be placed on the waiting list, and you will remain on the waiting list until you receive your item or you email us saying your item is no longer needed. We are sorry there is no definite answer on when you will receive your item, but if it has been a couple of months, feel free to email us and we will let you know where your item stands.

Don't see the item you need? Send us an email and we can figure it out!

Lots of times the item you need is something we can supply, we may just present it with a different name that is more common.

If we don't carry the item you need, no problem! We will set you up with another item that serves a similar purpose, if we can. 

Please choose the form for the item you need the most

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